Like Before?

After parting with Gabe, I head for my locker with a heavy heart and a determined step. I can’t decide whether or not I want to face her. I can’t decide if I’d rather understand or punch her in the face. I keep expecting to see her around every corner I turn. Standing there. Staring. Smiling. Winking. Waving. Like before. But she’s not.

I don’t see her all day. Mindlessly I move from class to class, completely zoned out. The beating of my heart seems to be the tempo that keeps me moving along at a normal rhythm. None of my friends ask.. they don’t notice. Nobody but Gabe notices.
Blackout. My eyelashes open and close, brushing against the hand covering my eyes.
“Guess who.” I know that voice. I don’t know how, but I do.
And then I see light again, and her face. Smiling at me, like before. “What do you want?” I splutter, before I can stop myself. “What can you possibly want from me?”
She looks momentarily wounded. “I was just saying hi.” She eyes me worriedly and my heart melts. She does care.

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