Don't Go Down To The Bottomless Lake Today

The gardens were beautiful at this time of year. The flowers were like a rainbow fallen to earth and the air was heavy with their scent. It took an army of gardeners to maintain the acres of lawn but it was worth it.

Juno did not often come to the gardens but today she had no other choice. She walked along a path between two tall hedges, her heels clicking loudly on the stone ground. Ahead of her was an artificial lake ringed by weeping willows. Their drooping branches rested on the surface of the water.

“I know you’re here Gorm.” Juno’s voice drifted across the lake. She had only to wait a moment before the surface of the water broke. A vast serpent rose out of the lake and towered over her. It had a face like a cat fish, all whiskery and gape mouthed.

“You’ve been eating visitors again haven’t you?” Juno said.

“And what of it? You are powerless to stop me just as your father before you.” Gorm lowered his head until he was only inches away from Juno’s face. “Or have you forgotten how I killed him?”

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