Now I can't get back to sleep...


Sitting bolt upright in his bed, he could feel the coolness of the air in his room interacting with the sweat on his neck and torso.

This was the worst of the current spate of nightmares that he had experienced. So graphic, so violent, and yet opening in such a calming setting made it perfect for the ending to be even more frightening.

There’d been many times he’d had nightmares of a violent nature, but none quite like this. They’d been instigated by many different sources, some movies, some video games. Just two days now he’d had The On Switch, a medieval first-person adventure where, as a knight you must try to intercept and capture a beautiful and mysterious female assassin before she kills the King. Fantastic graphics, awesome audio effects, and as challenging a game as he’d ever played, he’d probably already spent twenty hours playing it.

But if he had another dream like that again, he’d simply have to stop.

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