When Worlds Collide 10

“Hi? Is this Parker?” I asked nervously.
“No, this is his brother Kyle. I’ll go get him.” A few seconds later.
“Vivian?” It was Parker.
“Yeah, my mom said you called saying you needed to see me about something?”
“Oh, yeah. Listen I have a secret and I don’t know if you’ll want to see me after I tell you.”
“You can trust me.” I said honestly.
“Ok. When can I see you?”
“My mom is out of town tomorrow and will be gone for three weeks.”
“Perfect. I’ll come over tomorrow after school.” “Ok?” I said. “Do you mind?” He asked realizing I was lost.
“No, that’s fine.” I lied. I have never had a guy just say he was going to come over to my house.
“Ok. Well, I have to go. I’ll talk to you at school.”
“Ok. Bye.”
“Bye.” He said.
I went to sleep without a single dream.

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