A Long Day

In 4th period, I start to worry. Worry that I made a mistake of agree to something that isn’t the best choice. I mean, hanging out with Austin? It wouldn’t usually be a bad thing, but when I start sort of thinking that he’s into me, that is when I worry. I’m known for taking things out of proportion and making little things seem big. So this couldn’t be any different?

He could just be trying to be friendly, you know. Nobody ever really likes me, so what would the star basketball player ever see in me? There are so many possibilities that run through my head in those forty-five minutes of English.

He did invite me somewhere, twice, then again he invited Shay too, but he agreed to being only us; only to make up for missing me at the party, which he was busy making out with a girl to notice me. A girl Shay liked, sure, but still a girl. I feel like after school is going to come slow because I’m a little excited for it, but again somewhat scared that I’d been right about Austin this whole time.

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