Nothing's Written In Stone

“I don’t understand," she says, looking concerned."It was just harmless flirting. Nothing’s written in stone. We’re not dating yet or anything. And who are you to be so jealous?”
Yet. Not dating yet.“I’m not jealous,” I blurt out. “Just confused. If you like me, how come you kissed that junior, Austin? Aren’t you….” I can’t say the word. I don’t know why.
“Gay?” she says tentatively. I nod dumbly. “Well…sort of. I’m kind of Bi, you know? But that guy…Austin? Is that his name? I don’t like him. He was just kind of hot and I was a little tipsy and…” She looks away, apparently embarrassed by her behavior. She looks back suddenly with a determined focus in her eyes. Her hand reaches out and clamps onto my shoulder. My heart flutters at her touch. “Listen, Shay. I am so sorry about all of this. I should have stayed away. The truth is, I may have been flirting a little, because that’s kind of in my nature, but I really like someone else.”
“OK.” I am totally confused now. “Wait, what?”
“I like someone else.”

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