In the company of bats

Above my cave. I mean, ours, as I share it with bats, I have painted by memory the old map of the constellations. I have frozen in time that dreaded day, when the children of Tzweilphathoggua, the being that shall not be, will come forth and descend upon the mortals. I have seen them in my mind’s eye, painted that unlikely colour, the one which had befallen before they all left me alone.
I venture out of our cave only in cloudy, stormy days, otherwise the lidless eye of Apotepnohotep will burn my flesh, looking for other survivors. I can only walk so far in the summer, were the clouds to withdraw their protection I would be forced to bury myself.
And today for the first time I find another human. I shall take her to the warm embrace of my cave, I shall let her know the truth. Humanity would be dead otherwise.

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