When Worlds Collide 11

“Wake up!” My mother shouted. “You better not be late to school.”
I groggily sat up, mornings aren’t my thing. I’m more of a sleep until noon kind of girl.
I walked to my closet and tried to find something to wear. I ended up wearing my favorite Leopard print halter top and black Tripp skinny jeans. I grabbed my school bag and grabbed a pop-tart. I quickly put on my knee-high converse on and ran out to my car.
When I got to school, Simon and Helena smiled at me. “Hey guys what’s up?” “We’re at school, nothing is up.” Simon said with a smile. We walked to our lockers. We all have lockers next to each other, which is kinda how we met.
I grabbed my dance clothes out of my locker and headed to dance class. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have dance class first period. I don’t have any classes with my friends. “Sorry class.” Miss Maywood said. “We have to rehearse somewhere other than the gym. They have to fix the bleachers so we’ll have to go to the cafeteria.”

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