A Wolf In Sheep's Uniform

The police car skidded on the ice and nearly went off the road. Mac pumped the brake and turned the wheel into the skid then straightened up. The wipers beat furiously but he could barely see more than two feet in front of him.

“I thought we were goners,” Donny said.

“Don’t be such a pussy. It was only a skid.” Mac glanced at him in the rear mirror. He was a lanky son of a bitch and greasy looking as hell. Mac didn’t entirely trust him but hadn’t had much of a choice. You gotta work with what you’re given and so far as cell mates went, he could have done worse.

“You really think this’ll work Mac?”

“It better had. I’m not going back and there isn’t a man alive who can make me.”

“So… tell me again why you get to be the screw and I’m riding in back.”

“Shit Don! You looked in a mirror lately? No one’s going to take you for a cop, less they’re blind.” Mac peered through the windscreen, the headlights barely picking out the road. “Why’d it have to storm the day we finally bust out?”

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