lampside lovers

“Oh,” Fritz’s face broke into recognition, “How was your date?”

“Oh, him? Wasn’t a date in the least. I should reconsider using Craigslist for a means of social interaction. But that’s irrelevant. What really made the night was seeing the band,” I said, letting my thoughts drift back to the music.

“The Lampside Lovers? Again?” He said with a look of disgust. “Honestly, don’t you get bored watching the same band over and over?”

“Hardly,” Zooey scoffed, “Every time I see them, it’s like I’m seeing them for the first time. If you came to see them, you’d understand.”

“Noooo thank you,” he said, shielding his face with the sheets, “I heard the CD enough times to consider homicide as a career path.”

“It’s not the same live, it’s…magical,” Zooey said, her eyes lighting up, “You just don’t understand.” She sighed, and continued to sip her coffee. Within minutes she was getting up towards the CD player.

“If you’re doing what I think you’re doing, you better just stop right now,” Fritz warned.

Zooey smiled.

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