The Dream

As I turned I saw her staring down at me. She reached out a hand and said something. I could not hear her, but I could see the words. Her beautiful lips mouthing her love for me.

As I turned again my tears were carried off into the breeze. The ocean below me crashed off the rocks like thunder.

“I love you, and I’m sorry,” escaped my lips and I braced for impact.


I woke up in bed panting and dripping with sweat. The cool air blew in from the open window and turned the cold sweat to ice. The same dream, night after night. I had slept all of ten hours over as many months.

I got up and stood at the window. I let the breeze cool me to the bone. I had lost so much weight that I was never warm anymore. Without even realizing what had happened I took a step onto the sill.

“Charles?” She called after me, “what are you —”

Before she finished her sentence I stepped off the ledge. The wind ripped past me so fast it stung. So fast I had to squint my eyes.

As I turned I saw her staring down at me.

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