When Worlds Collide 12

We all grabbed our bags and headed to the cafeteria. My dance outfit consists of neon green leggings, black short shorts and a black wife beater. Most of the girls in this class are here because they want to look like fools in slutty clothes.
Ok girls. Let’s take it from the top.” Miss Maywood shouted. “Vivian, please come up to the front. Amanda please move to the back, and Michele go to where Amanda was.”
We combine all different types of dance. My favorite is when we add ballet and hip-hop, with a little bit of jazz.
Miss Maywood hit play and we began dancing, not to be self centered but I am the best in the class.
We almost finished our first song when out of nowhere a basketball flies over and broke the CD player. Miss Maywood’s face was bright red. She walked over to the group of boys and started screaming at them. Apparently the basketball team had to share the cafeteria with us, typical.

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