Merry Christmas part 1

I take a deep breath, my nose being flooded with the fragrance of kerosene. I’m almost done, nearly finished now. Soon it will be Christmas, and I have a great gift for her. I wrap up the small box, and gaze at it. My intelligence really knows no bounds. I’ll make her pay for what she did. That stupid whore, she’ll get what she deserves. She ripped my heart into a million tiny pieces…. The irony of what the future held in store brought a smile to my lips.

Today is Christmas Eve, and the traffic is terrible. A few hours of driving brings me only thirty-five miles to her house. I pull into the driveway, and walk up to the door. Her parents answer the door, telling me she isn’t home. I wish them a merry Christmas, give them the gift, and drive home through the traffic. The entire way home, I could barely concentrate on the road. Upon returning home, I allow myself to indulge in a guilty pleasure of mine. I light a huge bonfire in my back yard, and release my aggressions at the world. As the fire dies and…

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