An Adventure of Adventurous Proportions: Part 1

It was approximately 27 years, 248 days, 13 hours, 7 minutes, and 49 seconds into Charles Ninniths life that it changed.

At this particular moment Charles was purchasing a lawn ornament. He liked to call it Harry. As Charles begrudgingly reached into his pocket to pull out his tan leather wallet (they were very rare where he lived), a feeling overcame him. A great, desperate feeling. The kind of feeling your girlfriend might get if she were desperate for attention. A sad, horrid feeling for which Charles’ facial muscles had not been prepared. This was rather obvious, as his mouth slowly began to droop, his eyes becoming like big, sad teardrops.

Obviously, the woman behind the counter was quite frightened. As Charles face continued to fall victim to an attack of great sadness, his mouth began to reach an inhuman droopiness, almost reaching the floor. He looked as one may look were they melting, but was completely unaware of these facial changes.

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