Worring Over Nothing

Austin and I decide we’re going to head to WaWa on our way to his house. Surprisingly I’m not worrying about us being alone in his house for a few hours, I’m more worried about Shay and what’s she doing. Jane really did some damage to her. Austin’s talking, but I’m only half listening, half of me is with Shay.

“What’s your favorite kind of chips?” Austin asks, breaking me out of my trance. I notice we’re in WaWa’s chip section.

“I love Hot Fries,” I tell him.

“Great, me too. They’re on me,” Austin says with a smile. Flirting? No, being friendly. He’s just being nice, “Haha, great chips for a great guy.” He fake punches me in the arm and doesn’t stop smiling. Neither can I and now I know he’s flirting.

“Hey, Austin, looking hot today,” A blonde girl says as she walks by us and winks at Austin.

“Damn, that is some hot stuff, right?” he asks me. I glance at him, he’s staring at the girl’s butt as she walks out of the aisle. Typical straight boy.

Now I definitely have nothing to worry about.

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