A New Years Mistake

Balloons and food and lots of booze. Nobody cares that the music is blowing your ears off. Nobody cares how drunk you get or who you sleep with.
We were dancing and drinking and snogging all evening. We cheered at midnight like everyone else but then we went home together, and we shouldn’t have.

I woke up in strange sheets. It wasn’t the first time and it probably wouldn’t be the last but it was probably the most I had ever regretted something. Especially when he walked back into the bedroom.

He was unshaven and still naked. His beer belly was bigger than I had thought and it was covered in a fluffy fuzz that went all the way down there. I shivered and pulled the duvet right up to my chin. He kicks a balloon to the side as he clambers back into bed and snuggles up to me, his stubble scratching at my arms.
“So, babe” he says, “What’s your new year’s resolution.”
I cringe as he runs a hairy arm up my leg and shiver as he reaches my waist, beginning to kiss my breast.
“I already broke it,” I whisper.

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