A Plan Without Flaw

“Now this,” Dr. Garland heaved his creation from its container with a grin, “is my latest invention. The hyper-cyclic microphonic blade can cut more smoothly, finely and accurately than any physical blade ever created. It’s a beauty, don’t you think?”
Michael tried to look enthused as the button-studded device was thrust into his arms. He grabbed what he thought was the handle but it swung in the circle.
“It’s, uh, lovely, Doctor. Could you just give me a hand here, please?” Something started a eerie bleeping.
“Oh of course,” Dr. Garland shifted it breezily. Michael could only assume it was now correctly placed.
“And the true wonder is how easy it is to use,” the doctor continued. “Just push that and shift those two levers and…”
The saw buzzed to life, a roaring jet of hazy air erupting at an unexpected angle. Blood sprayed across the white lab walls and Dr. Garland’s face turned ashen. A neatly severed stump peeped out of his labcoat sleeve.
“Ggggaarragh! Quick, grab my hand! We can reattach it!”

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