“So how has the new position been, Mr. Head of Security?” Charlie asked through an over-salted french fry. He studied the board, then moved a pawn forward.

There? Easy.

Harry knocked over the pawn with a bishop. “Pretty well, so far. Something new every day, at least.”

“I can imagine. The whole bomb scare the other day must’ve been a doozy.”

Set up defenses…

“It was a problem, I’ll tell you that. Good thing it didn’t escalate into something more,” Harry mused absentmindedly.

C’mon, move your rook…

Charlie gazed at the board, then moved his rook up to an offensive position. “God, I haven’t played in so long. I probably just killed myself.”

“Check,” Harry said.

“Oof. Wow.” Charlie moved a pawn in place. “So are you coming close to catching the bomber?”

“We’re getting very close, we—”

Charlie’s phone rang. He looked up.

“No, answer it,” Harry said. He dropped the knight in place.

Charlie clicked the button, and the building behind them exploded in a massive fireball.


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