A new tone of gray.

A faceless girl in a faceless world.

She looks like all the others,

Talks like all the others,

Thinks like all the others,

Yet, she can’t seem to find her place.

Even in a world where everything is the same,

Where everything is a tone of gray,

The aching in her chest remains.

When she lets go of a sigh,

Her feelings are shown through her eyes.

It’s only then that she will begin to realize,

She was trying too hard.

Trying too hard to fit in,

In a world where she was meant to stand out.

A yellow flower in a field of weeds.

No matter how much gray ink she stains her skin with,

It will never be able to hide who she is.


With every difference, there is always a risk,

The risk of disappearing,

Disappearing and being forgotten.

Because not everyone can handle change.

Especially the ones who watch over them.

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