Blessed with Suck

I was an experiment, the only embryo to survive and be successfully implanted before time ran out and the long-feared war began, with a nuclear strike on the West Coast decades before they thought the People’s Republic of Greater Russochina and Korea would be ready to attack us. Anyways, I survived.

Of course, when you muck about with genetics, you push and pull on everything at once. The gift that gave me telekinesis also gave me enhanced cognitive abilities, somewhat faster-than-normal reflexes, and an inability to remember people’s names.

Some people would kill to become telekinetic—lame pun, I know, because it’s true, as my life can attest. I can’t stand it. Once I gained “the gift” one Saturday afternoon, it was a total pain to try to control. It’s everything I can do to stop my moving things by thought, and I still lose it when I get severely emotional. Couple that with being on the run and having a decidedly less-than-normal lifeā€¦all because of this one simple truth.

I’ve been blessed with suck.

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