I could tell she wanted it. I could see her eyeing me from across the room during the party, and who could blame her, I was attractive. Attractive in any way possible. Nice length of wavy dark brown hair, sweet-looking brown eyes, a brilliant smile, and intelligent to boot. And I could probably get any of the girls in this room tonight…but either I already have or I’m just not in the mood for them.

What I was in the mood for was Clara. I imagined her incredibly long silky black hair in my hands, in my face. I bet it smelled absolutely delicious.

I walked through the crowd over to the table of spiked Coke’s, where she stood sipping a cup while watching the party. From the looks of it she was obviously uncomfortable, probably dragged here by a friend. But I was about to make her feel very comfortable, “Great party huh?” I began the conversation, smiling as always.

She turned her face to look at me with bright blue eyes only to turn her face down, deep blush on her cheeks.

This was going to be fun.

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