Darkness Falls

The night was falling quickly, the sky a myriad of colors; purples, pinks, and oranges. Not a cloud in the sky, but a mist was rolling in slowly, beginning to cover the ground. The temperature rose by degrees until it became unseasonably warm. The humidity had jumped and the moisture coated everything in a thin film. Everything seemed to be weeping.
The townspeople must have sensed something and stayed indoors. But every single home had their lights blazing, trying to drive away the darkness. The blinds were drawn aside in each home and faces were pressed against the windows, seeming to look for the impending trouble.
Soon thunder began to boom, shaking the town to its core. Screams were heard from the retirement home as the noise blew eardrums.
Lightning followed. The air sizzled with static electricity. The lights along the streets had begun to go out one by one. The houses soon followed. The darkness was complete.

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