How Do You Kill a Zombie?

“So how exactly do you kill a zombie?” Jerry slurred next to me, sipping a Bloody Mary.

“Jeez, Jerry, you bash its brains out,” Evie said. “Not rocket surgery.”

“Just asking. I heard that they actually can survive without their heads for up to two days. Was on Discovery, I think.”

“Discovery also runs “A Haunting” every day around 2:00." Evie rolled her eyes.

“All right, all right, calm down,” said Chris, waving his dishrag in the air. “Civil conversation in the bar, please.”

I sat up. “It’s a valid query. If we are assailed by these monstrosities of the grave, then we should know how to properly blow its brains out.”

I felt heartened by the nods of agreement throughout the bar. Suddenly from beside the window, Chuck gave a epicene wail. “They’ve found us!”

“Time for some experimenting then,” Evie said, grabbing a bottle and smashing it on the edge of the counter.

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