Crackdown pt 1

Ahh, yes, another one of the little fools. This one seems to be older…. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was in her early twenties…. Oh well, time for the fun to begin!

“Come here for a second, I have something to show you,” I say. As she walks over, I pull out the revolver, a Python, from my nightstand drawer. “Ok, now first thing first… Get those clothes off!” A look of fear flashes across her face for a quick second, then without hesitation begins to remove her shirt.

This is most unusual… Generally they tend to be scared out of their wits…

“Come over here… Down on your knees… Yes, like that,” I whisper as I cock the hammer on the revolver. The usual click was louder than normal, but I disregard it, making a mental note to clean the gun later. From beyond the doorway, a small container flies into the room, bouncing twice.

There is a huge flash of white dazzling light, and a deafening BANG. I fumble around in my sparkling blindness, vaguely hearing other people. I trip on something..

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