Crackdown pt 2

..and struggle to rise. As I regain my balance, my sight returns. I look around, only to see the room filled with SWAT officers. They have automatic rifles pointed at me. I can see their mouths moving, yelling, but no sounds come to my ears other than the incessant ringing.

One of the officers pulls out what looks like a small plastic toy gun. He aims it at my chest. My hearing finally returns. I make out that they want me to drop my weapon, but my mind won’t register it, my hand won’t let go. I turn my head and stare at the gun.

I feel a sudden stabbing sensation on my chest, and look down, only to see two metal spikes with wires coming out of them. Not half a second later, though it felt like several minutes, what feels like massive bolts of lightening arc through my body. The pain is paralyzing for a moment, I can’t feel anything but the shock. My legs give out, and I fall to the floor.

The terrible pain stops, but my body is still numb. I feel the vague sensation of handcuffs. As I take one last look..

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