Twin Telepathy

I knew it was wrong. We both knew it was wrong.

For year we had tried to create some sort of excuse, an explanation less…disturbing. We thought it was possibly the “twin telepathy” thing going on instead of either of us being attracted to one another.

But there was something about our personalities that made me so attracted to Carol. Plus, we were fraternal twins, therefore she had our mom’s beautiful brunette hair, somewhat wavy, flowing down her back. And for some reason she must have liked my red hair that I feels just sits on my head.

She noticed my scruntity towards her in history, and I knew she was blushing that blush that goes well past the collar of her shirt, “Carly, stop it,” she whispered, almost sensually. I grumbled, “Later then.”

As soon as we got inside our house, where neither our parents were until at least 6 o’clock, we practically ripped each other’s clothes off, touching each other where we’ve learned we both like it, coming at the exact same time.

We call that “twin telepathy”.

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