Counting Down From the Infinite

If you don’t mind, leave.

25 characters, 5 words, 1 sentence. Funny how a single sentence makes a paragraph when it bounces around aimlessly within the confines of your mind. The radio waves roll over him and pull him from his current melancholy, launching him into the bittersweet abyss of days long gone.

“For the last 9 hours you’ve heard everything we’ve had to say, from 100 straight down to 26 we’ve given you 75 of the world’s greatest love songs. But now, ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived, the home stretch, and starting with track 25 we’re bringing you nonstop to number 1, the big numero uno, and the one you’ve all been dying for. Don’t touch that dial folks, just shut your eyes and drift down that deceptively named stream known as Memory Lane. Trust me, you’re gonna want to hear this. At number 25, it’s Falling Slowly.”

The raindrops splashed against the windshield deliberately, matching his mindset with their beautifully choreographed mass suicide. The first step always starts as a wave…

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