The Roads We Walk Upon

“M’lady I have warned you not to sell yourself short -”
“Can we focus on the matter at hand Therys, we have far more pressing concerns than your admittedly sweet desire to see me fully esteemed. Now what exactly do the Denar require?”
“Denar’s ambassadors venture here twice a year to collect 11 herbs from our garden, an arrangement we proposed in hopes of ending the war. A stroke of brilliance on our part actually, provided it doesn’t turn on us now.”
“And Gorm?”
“But not dead?”
“Wait but a moment more m’lady and I assure you -”
“No, I don’t want him dead.”
“You don’t?”
“I want options. Where else can we find these herbs?”
“Together? Nowhere. Individually, there have been private attempts at cultivation… illegal attempts, but potentially successful.”
“Am I to assume you know who these attempters are?”
“No, but one need only ask.”
“Hmm… so we have black market herbalists and a dying serpent. Tell me, how many villagers would it take to revive Gorm?”
“M’lady, what exactly are you suggesting?”

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