Obsession: Growing

I told him to calm down, it isn’t that big of a deal. We can hang out any other day, couldn’t we? He seems as if he understands, and tells me to have fun. I’m beyond confused. I ignore it, trying not to ruin tomorrows fun.

I sleep great that night, loving the town of Elsewhere. After I got to school, I met Jared—er—he met me at the door. In homeroom, he and I are surrounded by conversations in all directions. It’s weird how popular I’ve become so quickly. Jared’s sitting next to me so that may be why. I constantly try to get into the conversations he’s in, I felt like I had to keep up an appearance around him.

After school, a group of people and I lounge at the local cafe, Someplace. We talk and laughed and have tons of fun, I’m especially intrigued by Jueli. She makes me laugh as does everyone else, but I can’t help feeling bad for leaving Jared. He had been pretty nice to me my first day. I look around casually and he catches my eye. He’s sitting a few tables away… watching me.

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