Obsession: Begins

My heart skips a beat in horror. What is he doing here? Pure coincidence can be an explanation, and it sounded like a good one, so I go with that and wave at him. He smiles. I look away and saw from the corner of my eyes, he’s angry.

A few weeks have passed since I’ve moved to Elsewhere. Jared and I hang out almost everyday, and he’s making me popular. Today Jared has to visit his family in a different part of town, and for once I have nothing to do, on a Friday night. I pick up my phone and look at my recent call list to see if anyone can hang out today.

All incoming calls from Jared. A few outgoing… to Jared. I look through my contact list and call Jueli. She says she isn’t busy, so we decide to go to the mall. I swiftly put on my clothes and walk out the door in less than a few minutes. I wait until Jueli arrives at my house to leave.

I stop abruptly noticing a vibration coming from my leg. It’s a text from Jared. i’m comin home now so we can hang out

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