An Introduction To Urban Legend

There’s words for people like me.

Some call me words like:




Others call me:




I call myself Chase. Three years have I lived in this city. And it has never been the same. My name means hunter. But I am hunted. I wield only a single knife and my bow and arrows.

Modern day folk would call me primitive. I don’t care. Bows are safer than guns anyway. You never accidentally kill anyone.

This city is plagued by evil,
Thugs roam the street at night preying n the helpless.
Rapists pull people into dark alleys.
Gangster’s rob stores and loot houses.

I have pledged to make this city safe or so help my God I’ll destroy myself.

My Sister was killed by these lunatics.

My Mother was raped by them.

My Father fled the area because of them.

Now I am all alone with just my Mom.

She doesn’t know of my exploits, and it’s best we keep it that way.

So I will make this city safe.

No matter what.

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