Now What?

The big question. Now what? I sit on the edge of my bed, guitar resting on my knees, trying to put my newfound numbness into words… into a song, but my mind can’t make sense of it all. The words fly past, waiting for me to pluck one for the first, but they blur behind my eyes and I have to blink to regain my focus. Heaving a sigh, I set the guitar down and stretch, yawning. I check the clock. 4 PM. Why am I tired? Oh, that’s right. My heart is broken.

Thinking of nothing else to do, I pull my cell phone out of my pocket and dial Gabe’s number. It rings a few times and then I hear Gabe’s voice in hushed tones on the other end. “Hello?” he whispers.
“Why are you whispering?” I ask, bemused.
“I don’t know,” his voice regains normal volume. “I guess I’m just nervous, cause I’m reading Austin’s diary and he doesn’t know. He could get back any minute now. Oh shit, that’s him!” I hear rustling and clunking around and then what sounds like the phone being set down on a table. Curious, I settle in to listen.

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