Words of Wisdom

“I’m scared.”
“Of what, dear?” Her deep, grandmotherly voice always soothes me.
“…Losing. Losing myself? I don’t know. I don’t understand.” I bury my head in her sweater, confused and upset. She strokes my hair and starts humming. “What’s that?” I whisper.
“It’s my favorite love song. You are in love, aren’t you?” I nod. “Yes, and you’re afraid of being vulnerable. Exposed.” It all makes sense when she says it that way. “Well let me tell you something, darling.” She pulls me closer and I can smell her soap, and her coffee. “To give your love is not to lose it, but rather—as a candle does when it lights another—to bring more warmth, more light, more love into the world. It is nothing to be afraid of, although I know it is hard sometimes.”
“How do you always know what to say?”
She chuckles and kisses my forehead. “Oh, trust me, I don’t. But I’ve had lots of practice in these matters. Someday you’ll be telling your grandchild the same thing.”
I can’t imagine being in her shoes, with all her words of wisdom.

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