Obsession: Avoided

cnt hanging w/ jueli I text back quickly.

“Who was that? You were pretty quick to put your phone away,” Jueli asks suspiciously. I try to play it cool, and say it was nobody. To insure full fun-ness I turn off my phone, so I can’t be bothered by Jared.

“So do you like Elsewhere so far?” Jueli asks, trying to start a conversation on our way to the mall. Everything is pretty close in Elsewhere, so the mall isn’t a far walk.

“Yeah, everyone here is so friendly to me,” I answer cheerfully.

“I’m glad, but do you think some people are… too friendly?” She looks away.

“What do you mean?” I ask confused.

“Jared. You seem to hang around him a lot,I thought maybe…”

“He’s just a good friend, thanks. Anyway, how long have you been here?” I quickly change the subject.

Is it becoming that obvious? I can’t keep my mind off what she said while she answered my question, but I come up with a plan. The only way to make sure I don’t look too attached to Jared.


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