Obsession: Enraged

Avoidance. Easier said than done, especially with trying to avoid Jared. School is no walk in the park. I just cant get away! After every period he’s already there waiting for me.

He walks with me to class every period. Then I remember. Science is before lunch and that’s the only time he can’t get to me, his class is on the other side of the building. Before I would wait for him.

As soon as I heard the bell sing “hallelujah” I dashed to the lunch room, not even going to my locker. Now to find a full lunch table. If I can find a full enough lunch table Jared won’t be able to sit there.

I don’t see Jared come through the doors until late in the lunch period. He looks, of course, angry. Very angry. He looks around the lunch room once… then twice and our eyes lock. I can’t get away from his awful glare. His face shows betrayal, no, enragement is more like it. I secretly smile, my plan is working! Then suddenly, he storms off.

A few minutes later, I was called down to the principal’s office.

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