Obsession: Sinister

My heart beat is faster than I expect. The principal’s office, for what? Then I see Jared.

“Please take a seat, Mr.Cole.” The principal says calmly. I took the seat farthest away from Jared. “Jared tells me that you are being extremely rude to him lately.”

“WHAT!” I shout, stunned. He lookd at Jared, and motions him to talk.

“Yes, sir. He has been pushing me into lockers and saying inappropriate slurs to me.” He looks at me. I can’t believe my own ears. Why in the world is Jared saying these lies?

“No, I would never! He’s making this all up!” Jared quickly, but surely, smiles at me.

“Well, I don’t know what to believe, so the only way to solve is to give you both a day here on Saturday. Not as punishment, but to solve this problem.” And that was all. He sends us out.

So thats his plan! A wave of realization hits me. He wants to talk to me and this is the only way to do it!

“Jared what the hell!” He looks fakely surpised. He shrugs his shoulders and walks away.

Great, a whole Saturday with him.

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