365 Days of Books

It started off as a New Year resolution. The idea, not mine of course, though I would love to have taken credit for it.
“Don’t wear white socks all year,”I suggested.
“It’s been done,” Robin replied.
“I give up you think of something.”
Goal for the Day:Think of a resolution for Mr. Blake’s class.
3 plates of cookies and 2 bottles of soda later (most of which was ingested by Robin, don’t ask me where it all goes either, it’s a medical mystery)I was ready to just go for the whole eat healthier resolution.
“I’ve got it!”Robin exclaimed spraying cookies crumbs across the room,“You can read a book everyday of the year!”
“Think about it, it’s perfect,you have a whole library of books. There’s nothing wrong with this idea Kat,nothing that can get you killed unless there’s some paper cut disease you can contract, which I’m almost positive there is not, though you should check that out before you start..”
“Alright I’ll do it!”I said cutting him off.
And so it began… the year of books.

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