Deal Gone Wrong

Something wasn’t right here. It felt different.

Jeff walked up to the plain, gray door of the house he’d been forced to visit, far too many times. Three quick knocks in succession, followed by a pause and one more knock. That was the code.

He could hear a rustling behind the door as someone walked up. He could see the light through the peephole go dark showing that someone was looking through it. The light returned and four loud clicks were heard as the locks on the door were undone.

A tall, lanky man stood looking at Jeff and nodded his head. Jeff walked through the door and turned to see the lanky man look outside and around both corners before shutting the door and locking it once again.

The house was unusually busy. Never had Jeff seen more than two or three people here. Now sat ten that he could see, each with a very unpleasant look on their faces.

Jeff’s face paled and he knew something was wrong. He put a hand in his jeans pocket, feeling the money he had come now come to lose.

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