Rise of the Robots

“Stupid,” whispered Lonheim while hiding behind an overturned table. “Stupid, stupid, stupid.”

Clutching his pulse rifle, Lonheim tried to hold his breath and listen to what happened outside the room. He heard clanking sounds, but they were too quiet to determine where his enemies were.

I should’ve listened to Shulein when he told me to learn some magic, Lonheim thought trying to calm down a little. Yet, where is he now? Dead, killed by his own creation.

Suddenly he heard a metallic sound getting louder. Some robots were heading his way. When he heard the doors cracking a thought crossed his mind. He suddenly leapt from behind the table and started firing at the two robots standing at the doorway. He ran towards them screaming, trying to take down as much of them as he could. Yet, just as he ran through the door he felt a blow to his back and everything went dark.

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