Now I see it is half empty.

The adrenaline that began flowing through his veins caused his heart to beat faster, and within seconds he had jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his numb body. Turning his back to the door, he squeezed his eyes shut, and ignored the tears that spilled free.

He would pretend he was sleeping.

It was the perfect plan.

As the minutes slowly ticked by, a thousand thoughts raced through his mind. When the door creaked open and strands of light seeped into the room, he could have sworn his heart stopped for a moment. Two figures peaked in and looked at the small bundle that was wrapped up in the bed.

“Do you think he heard us?” The female voice asked,

“No.. He’s sound asleep.”

With that, they closed the door, and left the child as cold and alone as his little heart felt.

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