You Don't Always Need Protection

When Anya was just 20 months, she learned to climb the ladder at her favourite park. It was a curved ladder, half a letter U made with many mini U-shaped steps, but she could climb it all by herself.

When she was 30 months, she climbed the ladder that went higher than her mother’s head, up to the space age rocket slide twice as tall as daddy. And she wasn’t scared, well only a little.

When she was 40 months she went to a big park to play, while her mom visited with a friend nearby. Anya climbed the ladders to the wooden tree fort platform, still twice as tall as daddy, as slid down the super-fast slide all by herself.

It was so fast and so high that she flew off the end and landed at one of the other mom’s feet. “Oh, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself” The other mom bent to look at Anya’s feet and check for bruises.

“I ok. I do it all myself!” Anya smiled proudly. “Mama, mama!” she yelled, running to where her mom was watching, “I do it all myself!”

Her mom smiled and nodded. “Yes, all yourself.”

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