The Room from Hell

“Mr. Vince it’s medication time.” A nurse with a squeaky voice spoke. The door creaked open to a dark room; Nurse Marie flicked on the light. Only to see Mr. Vince lying on the ceiling of the room draped in a cloth. As the lights started to flicker Mr. Vince’s eyes stared blankly at Marie.

Mr. Vince started to speak in a low quiet voice.

“Take me home mommy, I’m so cold.” -“Take me home.” – “I’m scared mommy; please help me.”

The door slammed with a thundering crash, crushing the hands of the nurse. The room started to glow red. Marie was unfazed as to what had happened to her hands.

Bright red flashes filled the room blinding Marie; a rigid hand from the mist of the red glow lay upon Marie’s shoulder.

Marie started to speak in a low voice.
“It’s so cold.” – “I can’t see anything.” -“Is any one there” – "Please help me, I’m trapped and I can’t seem to get out it’s awfully cold.

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