Correct Hallucination

They’re behind you!
They’re not.
Turn around and you’ll see them
If you turn around, they’ll see you.
They’re following you

My vision flicked between a magically colourful world when everything felt warm and sleepy, and a world of grey. Darkness. Emptiness and a terrifying paranoia.

My brain was exploding in my head. The writhing, fleshy lump pushing and straining against my skull. Thinking was punishing.

Hungy, thirsty, angry, scared, worried.

They’re still following you!
Just shut up!
But they are.

I didn’t want to look around. I would see shadows if I did. Only shadows – not people. Despite my doubt, I knew there was no one there.

Cannibis always did this to me. Some people said it didn’t affect you, but using it for five years took it’s toll.

I knew that as soon as I reached my flat I would start hearing people inside with me. I would think that they were coming for me. I would know that they would kill me.

Unlike other hallucinators, I would be right.

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