Obsession Revealed (1)

“His obsession with what?”

“Its almost midnight, Gabe. We’ll talk later,” Before I can stop her she’s already hung up. Damn. What does she mean?

My alarm screams at exactly 7:30. I have 30 minutes to get ready for a long day. I walk to school with my laptop in my book bag, to check Ficly since I wasn’t able to the day before. The principal quickly guides me to my homeroom and there’s Jared.

“Since this isn’t real Saturday school you are able to talk and everything, but I expect you two to solve your problems.” Then he walks out, leaving Jared and I alone. I take out my laptop and he begins staring at me.

“Can I help you?” I ask coldly.

“What’s your problem lately?” He says innocently.

“You are,” He gasps.

“You’ve been avoiding me! If anything its you,”

“I’m not the one being all obsessive” He doesn’t say anything. He just stands there. Why is he so offended by that word? Then it hits me. I think back to the conversation with Jueli.

“Uh, Jared’s… obsession?"

Did she mean… me?

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