When I was a little girl, I had a friend named Mary. She was very short tempered, but besides that she was a wonderful friend.
My clearest memory is when I was about four years old. Mary and I had gotten into an arguement about which Power Puff Girl is better, Blossem or Buttercup. I, of course, was vouching for Buttercup. But Mary, being a natural born leader, related more to Blossem. We both felt very strongly on this subject, and tried to avoid it at all costs. But we had just watched the latest episode and Buttercup was amazing.
“You stupid person! Buttercup is lazy!” Mary screeched, sliding down the slide in my familys backyard.
“Buttercup is tough! Blossem is a priss!” I snapped.
This is the part that stuck most in my memory:
Mary started blinkingt very fast. I found it hilarious but tried to hold in my laughter, as she started at me, blinking three times as fast as normal. I covered my mouth with my hand to stop any giggles, and ran away from her.
She followed me, blinking with her mouth half open.

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