Sisterly Bonds

I sighed, exasperated. “His name’s Rod, and, yeah I know.”
“Whatever. Hey… is that my phone?” So, she had noticed. “Give it back!”
“Look sis, I was going to return it! Come on… I won’t be gone long,” I pleaded.
“Char, you know I hate when you steal my stuff. Now give it back. You’re lucky I haven’t squealed to mom yet.” Mimi knew she would win.
“Fine…” I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to her. “Please don’t tell, Mimi. I haven’t done anything to you.”
“You were just caught red handed stealing my phone. You haven’t done anything?” But she sighed and looked over her shoulder, as if mom might be behind her. “But I remember fifteen, Ell… so… I guess you can go.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I hugged her then dashed out the door, calling back over my shoulder, “Love ya sis!”

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