Just Before the Bell Rang

John and Luisa left just before the bell rang, their feet touching the halls only just as it’s tone sounded throughout the building. How had they known? A tingle went up my spine, but I shoved the feeling back down and gulped air unsteadily.

I was so preoccupied in my thoughts. The way pieces of her angled hair had fallen in front of her face, not breaking her concentration but becoming a sheet in between her and the paper. The intense fire in her eye as she struggled to complete the last line of her piece, the satisfied smile when she placed her pencil back into her bag.

“Bye.” Was all she’d said, but the word lingered in the air around me, intoxicating and breathtaking. She was breathtaking. I let go of a sigh. What was wrong with me?

I gathered my books and threw away my uneaten food, unaware of the dozens of bodies pressing against me as I made my way towards my next class. Spanish. Eh, I wasn’t in the mood.

“Hey- Pst! Becca!” I looked, startled, and found myself staring into the eyes of Garrett.

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