Class Player Makes His Move

“Garret? What are you-” My words were cut short, as he put a single finger to his lips, shushing me. I nodded, curious.

He took my wrist and led me down a side hallway, one that I don’t usually travel on a regular basis. “Here.” He stopped and turned around. “Wanna cut with me? I’m bored out of my mind, but I don’t wanna be alone.”

Ech. Garret.

That’s what went through my mind first. But Garret was so… nice. He couldn’t be what everyone made him out to be. Garret was the class player, and I knew that. He could get any girl he wanted. But, and for some reason I couldn’t name, I wanted desperately to go with him. Maybe to convince myself that I was still interested in… well, who knows. Maybe to forget about… her eyes.

“Um…” I looked around, aware we were alone. If I went to Spanish, I would be so late, and Senor Dahlqvist would be pissed. Maybe just this once… “Um, sure.”

He grinned, and I realized he really was quite attractive.

Ah, shit.

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