“Have you noticed how people are so absorbed with themselves that they never bother to take notice of the little things?” John asked the person behind the counter.

“What?” he said looking at John like he was crazy.

“It’s true,”he replied,“I bet half of these people couldn’t tell you what color the sign outside was.”

“Green,”I whispered.

“What was that,”John asked turning towards me.

“I.I..the sign, it’s green,” I stuttered.

“Yes, yes it is,” he said his blue eyes sparkling, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

My heart sank. How hypocritical, he complains about people being oblivious to the world around them, yet he can’t remember a girl that has sat behind him in English.

“Yeah, English 3rd period, with Mr. Collins,”I said.

“Right, Clara isn’t it?” He said.

Not even close.

“It’s Sam,”I sighed.

“..Oh right, I guess I’ll be seeing you around Sara,”

I didn’t even bother correcting him. He would just forget anyway because that’s exactly what I was, forgettable.

“Yeah I guess,”I replied.

He wouldn’t.

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