Clara part 2

“Come on Clara! One more! You can do it!” I cheered the confused, silly girl on. We were having a competition on who could drink the most cups of spiked Coke. Only she didn’t know that mine weren’t spiked.

She slammed the cup onto the table and smiled drunkenly at me, “You know…y-you’re prerrttteyyy cul-cute.”

I shrugged, “So people have told me. But I think you’re much cuter than me.”

“I…issss shat sho?”

“Yep,” I looked around the party, trying to create some sort of act. It was getting late, time to get this show on the road, “It’s getting a little crazy down here. Let’s go upstairs,” I led her up myself, giving she was too drunk to do all but one thing.

We sat down on the bed and immediately took action, leaning over and stating, “You smell nice,” and as soon as she looked up I dove for her lips. Once I had her shirt off I breathed, “You a virgin?”


I smiled. Fresh meat.

She felt pain at first, but in the end Clara definetly enjoyed it.

After all, they always enjoy it when it’s from me.

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